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Riverside Family Medicine, our goal is to provide comprehensive family practice services to adults and children of all ages in Madison and surrounding communities. We offer a comprehensive range of services including general adult medicine, preventative medicine, general skincare, minor skincare procedures, some joint injections, sports physicals and sports medicine, general acute care and telemedicine appointments. We also offer nutritional medicine for our patients seeking to better manage chronic conditions and improve their overall health.

General Acute Care and Sick Visits

We provide acute care for illnesses and injuries as well as sick visits for symptoms such as cough, sore throat, and respiratory infections. Our team of experienced providers provides personalized care tailored to your specific needs, and we’re dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

General Adult Medicine

Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive, patient-centered care across your lifespan. This includes not only treating illness and managing chronic conditions but promoting optimal wellness through preventative care and nutrition. Our team strives to build long-term relationships with our patients, providing continuity of care and a trusted source of medical advice and support.

General Skin Care + Minor Skin Procedures

As your primary care provider, we can help with many skin-related concerns and minor procedures. Our providers can help diagnose and manage skin conditions including but not limited to rashes, eczema, acne, and rosacea. Minor skin procedure services include removal of skin tags or moles and treatment of skin infections.

Joint Injections

Our office offers some joint and soft tissue injections to help manage and treat a variety of common pain symptoms of the neck, shoulder, wrist, hand and lower limbs. Injections can help reduce swelling and ease joint pain.

Nutritional Medicine

Our providers are dedicated to enhancing the health, longevity, and wellness of all our patients. We specialize in using nutritional and lifestyle medicine, with a focus on improving diet, nutrition, and exercise, to achieve better health outcomes and manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Preventative Medicine

Your primary care provider plays an important role in helping optimize your health by providing routine check-ups and health screenings to identify potential health risks and detect illnesses early. Minimizing your risk of developing chronic conditions through healthy eating, exercise, and stress management are important components of preventative care.

Sports Medicine and Sports Physicals

Our board certified providers can provide treatment for injuries such as sprains, strains, fractures, and concussions. We also offer required sports physicals for kids and teens for sports, school or camp. Our goal is to help athletes and active individuals stay health, prevent injuries, and perform at their best.

Telemedicine Appointments

We offer telemedicine appointments and evaluations for new and existing patients (not sure if this is true or what else to say here).

CDL Medical Certification Exams

We offer CDL Medical Certification Exams for drivers to need to gain or maintain their commercial driver’s license. Our CDL medical certification exams include a thorough physical exam and evaluation of medical history to ensure that you meet the necessary requirements for a CDL.

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